ICT-profile screening

The total average cost of hiring an new employee in Belgium amounts to 15.000€ according to a study of HR service provider SDWorx in 2013. For more specific candidates, such as ICT profiles, costs are estimated to be even higher. Therefore it is of great importance that the hiring process is efficient and successful and that the candidate blends in the corporate culture.

Xedis can assist you in the screening process of new candidates in an external selection process and in the screening of employees as part of a re-organization or internal applications for a new function. Our services include:

  • Selection of qualified candidates from a list (e.g. on the basis of CV's)

  • Interviewing candidates in order to evaluate skills, knowledge, seniority and experience in an unbiased way

  • Delivering a fact-based report of the findings from both the CV's and the interviews

  • Assessment of the cultural fit into your organization

Basic Profile Screening (BPS)

An important added-value for your selection process lies in our BPS-test prior to engagement in order to evaluate the scorings of the candidate(s) with the ideal profile for such position. This test lasts about 30 minutes and is performed (via internet) by an independent company. The generated BPS-report shows 9 indicators, such as social behavior as leader or follower, behavior against stress or changing environment etc. This information is grouped into 3 major indicator-blocks: social block, task-oriented block and control & management. For more information regarding the BPS-test and report click here. (use ctrl key to open in a new screen)

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