Outsourcing consultancy

Xedis has an extensive experience in outsourcing consultancy. Be it the selection part of the process, the transition part or the Goverance phase : we have all necessary soft and hard skills available in-house. 

Worth mentionning in this field of expertise are the Xedis approach, our partnership with Whitelane Research and our references .

Xedis has developped; on the basis of its experience;  a proprietary methodology that not only encompassess the selection phase but the complete outsourcing lifecycle including Transition and Governance and ultimately the Close Down phase.

This methodology is supported by a set of checklists and templates that substantially reduces the time and cost needed to complete such a process.

Xedis has a longstanding partnership with Whitelane Research which allows us to have the latest information on the market and the potential vendors which in turn leads to a more qualitative longlist, a more effective negotiation strategy and final outcome. Also covered are important soft factors such as cultural fit between customer and vendor and the importance of the customer relationship.

References in this field are Indexis, Eandis, GDF Suez, SD-Worx and Fed-ICT.

Outsourcing management kit

Xedis offers a simple but complete management-kit (with process-maps, templates, and practical advise)

in order for you to start with outsourcing.

This covers topics such as:

  • strategic decision of outsourcing
  • what to outsource ?
  • outsourcing / co-sourcing / near-sourcing / cloud-sourcing
  • who are the outsourcers ?
  • how to start outsourcing ?
  • how to manage outsourcing ?
    • SLA's
    • penalties ?
    • partnerships
  • how to insource again ?