Xedis helped Constructiv to plan, implement and monitor the migration from the SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2016.

Xedis provided us the tools and experience to take our internal project and program management to a next level. they supported us in the streamlining and professionalization of our internal organization.

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Xedis stepped in to provide operational excellence with a rational and pragmatic approach in line with the mission of T & I. Our goal was to raise maturity levels of T & I by reporting and applying improvements.

Xedis took on a wide variety of tasks on both a strategic as an operational level. We supported and advised Eandis’ management on how to implement the ICT governance cycle. Furthermore we paid special attention to the governance of ICT Compliances. Finally we provided expert advice on a multi-dimensional level and a variety of topics.

Xedis assisted Nationale Bank with establishing and documenting the network environment through tools that display the real-time situation. In this this way we could improve the transparency of operations of the network infrastructure for other teams that make use of the infrastructure.

The objective of our team was to transform the ICT Service Management organization into a more efficient, better performing and more customer-focused IT organization.

Xedis was asked to prepare a pragmatic startup for project management, starting from the current situation. The objectives were clear: to improve transparency, efficiency and reliability of the processes.

Xedis assisted Partena in converting the payroll engine from the old mainframe system to a new .NET system. Xedis was responsible for change and release management of the new system.

Xedis assisted Electrabel (GDF Suez) with its Energy Trading and Risk Management System (ETRM) Program from 2007 until 2011.