Referentie Jessa

Company Description

The association Jessa Hospital ranks among the top 5 Flemish non-university hospitals and offers a wide range of specialized clinical medicine and high-quality patient care. The hospital has 988 beds, spread across three campuses: Virga Jesse campus, campus Salvator Hasselt and campus St. Ursula in Herk-de-Stad.

Role of our team

Xedis carried out an assessment for Jessa Ziekenhuis to measure the operations of their Service Desk and the related ITIL processes. We reported directly to the CIO.

For this assessment we applied our five stage methodology, which allows for flexibility.

  1. Scope definition with CIO

  2. Interviews of both ICT and other stakeholders

  3. Analyze findings and establish trends in three areas

    • Processes: ITI light processes

    • People & Organization: roles & responsibilities

    • Tools
  4. Define conclusions and recommendations for possible actions
  5. Presentation of  Action Plan


The results from the assessment allowed us to formulate a “Continual Service Improvement Plan”. This has become the basis for Jessa-ICT Delight Program and involved the introduction of a variety of necessary ITIL-light processes and structures.