Referentie ZOL

Company Description

Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) is an independent hospital and care center, which emerged from the fusion of three hospitals: A. Dumont in Waterschei, St.-Barbara in Lanaken en St.-Jan in Genk. ZOL is organized around five primary patients programs (“Core Business”) and two supporting programs (“Functional Services”).

ZOL is a large organization operating in three locations with 230 doctors and almost 2900 employees. It offers 814 beds & 220 day clinical beds. Some other figures on a yearly basis: 34.000 patients, 32.000 surgical interventions, 51.000 day clinical treatments, 2.190 births, 44.000 patient contacts (urgent cases), 485.790 outpatient clinic consultations.

Role of our team

Xedis carried out an assessment for the internal processes of the IT department and established the maturity level. We listed recurring issues and proposed a plan to reduce the number of problems and to raise efficiency and IT service level quality. We also supported ZOL in realizing this improvement plan.

The project started in June 2011 and ended in October 2012. It had a total of about 200 man-days. 85% of the project was executed by Xedis, the other 15% were filled in by internal employees.

Our tasks included formulating governance recommendations, carrying-out a maturity check and advising the setting up of the improvement plan. Our consultant also acted as operations coordinator until an internal employee was trained to take on the task. We trained and coached  the internal ICT employees so they could take full control and work independently. Xedis guided ZOL through the change processes and established clear quality control tools that allow continuous quality assurance.

Our expertise and our experience with management of change in large organizations enabled us to achieve the determined deliverables with respect for the organizational culture. The people skills and pragmatic and diplomatic attitude of our consultants certainly contributed to the fact that changes were not only accepted and adopted but also led to more satisfaction and harmony among the involved stakeholders.


The ICT department of ZOL has become a structured and transparent organization. Its service oriented processes contribute to customer satisfaction and a happy staff. Since more efficiency was reached, some internal resources could be transferred to other areas. With the current situation as basis, the ICT team of ZOL now has the opportunity to evolve together with the growth of the business and is ready for the challenges that the future will bring.

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