IT Strategy

IT Strategy as part of Governance of ICT

The success of processes for strategy and performance and conformity measurement of ICT depends on IT-management or corporate management processes. More specific, quality, portfolio, program, project and service management are key issues for success.

Xedis has wide experience with integrated solutions to set up an office that runs as the coordinating engine for these processes.

Strategic alignment and performance measurement

The ultimate goal of Enterprise Governance is obtaining and maintaining strategic alignment between IT and Business: i.e. an IT that sustains business operations (functional integration) and business strategy (strategic fit).

In essence, the outcomes of Governance of IT should be: 

  • Deliverance of the expected value by IT

  • Appropriate risk management

  • Responsible use of resources

The instruments for delivering these outcomes are typically found in Portfolio and Program Management, which can be integrated with corporate processes. Analogously, IT-Risk Management is integrated with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

The two drivers to achieve this are:

  • IT Strategic Planning. This will set out the strategic IT-objectives, IT policies and all consequences for successfully implementing this IT-strategy.

  • Performance and Conformance Measurement. This will typically measure how well IT is doing in realizing its objectives. These objectives are both related to the results as to the way how these results are achieved.

Xedis can be your trusted partner to assist you in achieving these goals!