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Cost savings and customer satisfaction: Episode III - How to get started?

Digitization: a changing world

Whether digitization is the driver or not, the pursuit of lower costs or higher customer satisfaction is a permanent goal for most organizations. But how do you get started?

You mostly start to develop a Target Operating Model (TOM). The TOM describes what the future service organization should look like. It includes the organization, the people, the processes, the governance, the technology, and collaboration with suppliers & partners.

ITIL 4 is an important source of information for this. However, there is no "one size fits all" to design the TOM. The content of the TOM will always have to be adapted to the specific context of the organization. As an example, we take organizations that want to digitize more, the TOM will emphasize processes in which customer interaction is central, in which the "back office" processes are "Lean", and where those processes make it possible to quickly adjust the service offering.

Based on the "To Be" Target Operating Model, a realistic roadmap is drawn to realize the TOM. We approach the realization in an Agile way, short delivery iterations with immediate added value.


ITIL 4 is the framework in which best practices are collected that have proven their usefulness. It enables service organizations, both IT and non-IT, to organize in a more customer-oriented and cost-efficient way. One thing is certain: however far your digitization ambitions reach, the business case for ITL 4 is already positive!


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